What happens in the first session?


In our first session we will be agreeing our ‘contract’ together for the work going forward. This is our opportunity to explore your expectations from the counselling work and what issues you would like to work on. As this is our first session together, it will give you a good indication of whether you would like to continue further and book the next session, or you may decide not to continue.


How many sessions will I need?


This really is an open question with no definitive answer, as every client/ counsellor relationship Is different. In my experience it’s usually a mutual decision to end the work together at a stage that feels right, however it’s your counselling and therefore as a client you can decide to end the work at any stage you feel is appropriate. 


Can I bring someone into the sessions with me?


As a general rule, I don’t work with a third party in the room, however I also appreciate that some clients might want to bring a third party into the first session and if it helps you to settle in and feel comfortable then this would be acceptable. In other cases, there may be a necessity, for example a guide dog, a translator etc. We can discuss this prior to meeting and agree the right way forward. If you would like someone to accompany you to the Wellness Centre, there is a waiting area for anyone that has come with you, where they can wait whilst the session is taking place. 


Are you a member of any professional organisations?


Yes, I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and work within their ethical framework, which can be found on the BACP website.


Will you give me advice or tell me what to do?


As a counsellor, my role is not to give you advice or to give you my opinion. As your counsellor, I will help you to explore your experiences and feelings and work with you to facilitate your own changes, based on your own conclusions. 

What about Covid-19, can I still book a session?

Due to current restrictions in place it is not possible to meet for a face to face session, however I am still working on the phone and online. When restrictions are lifted, we can arrange to meet at the Wellness Centre for face to face work or we can continue on the phone/ online. Should you wish to meet and attend in person, there are measures in place for working safely, with a clean and safe environment.  There is hand sanitiser available at the Centre and the chairs are apart far enough to meet social distancing requirements. As the situation is changing rapidly, I am adapting my practice to keep up with any new requirements.